Resto bar

Have you already been to our resturant? It is a modern, still new place created by young, creative people. We follow bistronomy new trend in gastronomy’s world. It is a perfect combination of delicious food and affordable prices. Tomasz Tarka our chef is a young, talented cook who loves his job. Visit our place, enjoy and return soon!

In G20 there are 3 diffrent floors

  • Ground floor - industrial design and friendly atmosphere make dinning here enjoyable. You can drink an aromatic cup of coffee as well as eat lunch or dinner. We serve delicious and unique lunch sets daily. You can also choose an unique craft beer from our wide selection. Our staff members will always help you make a good choice!
  • Restaurant on the first floor will host seekers of a special atmosphere for a romantic dinner or a larger group at a business meeting. A wide selection of wines from the card was arranged specially for us by a qualified sommelier will highlight each dish and hit even the most demanding palate.
  • The unique atmosphere and professionalism of the staff are within reach for everybody searching for fun and unusual connections of flavors.


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